Therapy Research Autism Center (T.R.A.C.)

The Therapy Research Autism Center was formed to offer individualized, result driven ABA therapy to all that have been diagnosed with ASD. T.R.A.C. is  committed to delivering evidence-based ABA therapy based on the individualized needs of their clients. Everyone that has been diagnosed can overcome the obstacles associated with the ASD diagnosis. T.R.A.C. is committed to help all reach their goals. 

The ABA Programs/Plans are: Progress Driven, Monitored, and Timely Revised:

At T.R.A.C. all are required to have tasks that are needed to be completed on a daily basis in order for the client to be able to reach their goals.  This is the same as all having a lesson plan. T.R.A.C. refers to this as the "The Daily T.R.A.C.".  The client's treatment team (BCBA and Clinical Director) meets every other week to review the "Tracking materials notebook," and monitor the treatment/learning process. If a learner takes longer to reach the goal, the tasks used to achieve the goal will be adjusted in time for the following session. 

ABA Therapy Sessions:

The Lesson Plan, or what T.R.A.C. refers to as the "The Daily T.R.A.C., " is written in order for the client to be learning and engaged throughout the session. Social skills groups and games are designed in order for all to be able to learn to functionally communicate their wants and needs with others. Whether it be during group instruction, circle time, snack, lunch, dinner or  playing a game, there are always opportunities within the environment to learn at T.R.A.C. 

The Care Team:

The Therapy Autism Research Center is structured where the BCBAs, BCaBAs and QBHPs collaborate and make up the T.R.A.C. Care Team. Their specialization and experience pertaining to ASD and ABA bring cutting edge research and the knowledge of result based treatment plans to the T.R.A.C. team. This helps the client when one team member has specific expertise in, for example, eating disorders; their experience is shared with the Care Team to develop the best course of treatment in a collaborative environment.

Individualized, Prioritized and Relivant: 

T.R.A.C. works diligently with the client and their family to focus on socially significant behaviors.  Weekly, the family and Clinical Director meet to discuss, define and prioritize behaviors that focus and adjust treatment based on relevant and immediate needs of the client and family.