Educational Seminars and Support Groups

At T.R.A.C we have a team prepared to be able to assist in all ways possible in order to be supportive of all involved in the client's life. The diagnosis itself can lead someone to feel alone and isolated. At T.R.A.C. we are committed to assisting all family members every step of the way in order for all to be able to overcome the obstacles associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Support Groups

We encourage all that have been touched by the Autism Spectrum Disorder to attend our support groups. The dates with which they will be held will be posted on our website as well as they will be handed out to clients as we meet with them. 

Educational Seminars

There are behaviors that fall under the umbrella of challenging behaviors as well as others that are baffling that pertain to those that have been diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. All who have been touched by this diagnosis are encouraged to attend this seminar in order for assist with all being able to reach their goals through the evidenced based practices of ABA.